#089 Mario Squid

Squidy. Squidie. Squidi. Squidee. Squids are cute but they are annoying in Mario because they spit ink like in real life, so I can’t see what’s going on in the courses. I have to be honest here, I think it’s being mean to me. I always get ink spit by it when I’m playing.

#088 Old School Camera

I have actually never seen one before, but I think it really looks cool and maybe someday I will see one and get to actually touch it!

#085 Yoshi Head

Yoshis are a cute green dinosaur-looking thing in Mario, you could ride on it in certain Mario games. In other Mario games, it is used as a character you could be or just part of the story.

#084 Santa Guy

He is weird for his weird eyes and weird expression and is here to weird you out on your favorite day of the year: Christmas Eve! Isn’t that great?