#004 Tank 2000

I wanted to draw this tank because it was COOL! Tanks are always green, I think they were always green because they could get more coverage and no one can see them. (well you know, barely.)

#003 Xbox Controller

I was absolutely a gaming machine, I really wanted Xbox and the Xbox controller. Not gonna lie my first time trying to draw wasn’t that bad now, was it? My sister said she can’t recognize anything I drew but it’s fine.

#002 Abraham Lincoln

As my last post was saying, I was learning about the US presidents in social studies last year during the pandemic, this is the other drawing I made, Abraham Lincoln!

#001 George Washington

During the pandemic, we’re learning about the US presidents in social studies. I was in 2nd grade back then, and I decided to draw George Washington and Abraham Lincoln (which will be in the drawing I make)