About Me

Daily Drawing Gallery is a drawing gallery held by me, Ryan. I’m 8 years old! in 3rd grade!

In this gallery, you will see my drawings, not so professional, but I’m trying my best. I drew my first drawing on February 8th, 2021, during the pandemic.

I am selling my NFTs because I want to buy things myself, like Vbucks, Robux, Headsets, games, and many others. I might not have those big, fancy words to express myself like the other artists, I’m just a normal kid. I really wish that by selling my drawings could get these things. I would appreciate it so much if you guys would buy my NFTs. Maybe you guys could give me the motivation of drawing more often and possibly get better if people buy my NFTs

Thank you for coming to look at this collection and please consider buying some of them to support me!