#100 Yoshi

This is a Yoshi with its full body, ready to be ridden and YAYAYAY WE’RE ON OUR NUMBER 100 AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

#099 Elephant

OH LOOK! A wild elephant. So cUte. Let me think…… should I return it to the wild or keep it??

#098 Number 18 Race Car

This blue race car is absolutely amazing. It’s got the vibrate color, nice texture, and interesting-looking number. You know I drew it!

#097 Swimming Guy

This is one of the emojis in the emoji keyboard if you search up: swimming. I drew it with my mom that day, she drew a girl swimming and mine is a boy.

#095 Yellow Popsicle

Popsicles are so yummy. I begged my parents to buy popsicles one day in Costco, but they just won’t do it, saying that it taste bad, but I love it.