#020 Pac-Man

These days, I watched so much tv, my favorite show would either be Pac-man or Dragons, but I drew Pac-man for the day so let’s stay on topic. I think Pac-man is a heroic character that always shows his love for.

#019 The Wimpy Kid

I drew this because my mom wants me to draw a person and not some random things so I guess this one looks okay. I’ve actually never read any book in the series but I’ve heard of the Wimpy Kid before. According to my friends, it’s a fun book! They said I should go read it too, but should I?

#018 Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe

I was playing the game, Minecraft. And of course, as everyone does, I absolutely love diamond stuff, armors, swords, horse armors, and my favorite of all (besides the diamond sword, duh!) a diamond pickaxe, pickaxes are useful, not just for mining, but it’s a powerful weapon to defend yourself as well.

#017 Mew from Pokémon

The pokémon, known as Mew, is the ancestor of every pokemon inside the pokémon world. Its head looks like a cat, the creator of pokémon said Mew was originated from the common pet in our lives, cats. When viewed through a microscope, Mew’s short, fine, delicate hair can be seen.

#015 Godzilla

I drew Godzilla that day because I really have nothing else to do and I think it looks cool. I’ve never watched the movies but from the covers, they all look pretty decent and I guess it would be nice to draw one, and maybe someday I could go watch the movies since there are so many.

#014 Watermelon With Funny Face

At the moment I drew this, it’s really hot in the summer. My dad had just brought a big watermelon before I drew this and I can’t wait to eat it! My family (mostly my dad and sister) likes to soak the watermelon in cold water for 30 minutes and then cut them up so it’s cooler. Well, I have no patients like them.

#013 Panda

I drew this panda because pandas are the national animals of China, and I’m from China, so I thought drawing this would symbolize my love for my country and I also thought it was just pretty cute.

#012 Nintendo Switch – Fortnite

I drew it because I’m a very good gamer and I love video games. At the time I didn’t have it, so I thought if I draw it, I might have it someday. And now I do! Now that I look back at it, I think it’s actually pretty cool. The screen shows the game Fortnite, it’s my favorite game. I am really good at the game, like a pro.

#011 Spider-Man

I drew this Spider-Man because I think he is really fast and cool. One of my favorite Spider-Man is Miles Morales, from the movie <Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse>. In my opinion, he is brave and selfless because he managed to get over the fear after his uncle’s death and decided to help the other Spiderman/women/pig?/robots to get them back in their universe.