#076 Kangaroo

This kangaroo has its baby, OMG it’s so cute I want to see that in real life (like seriously).

#075 Snow Owl

Snowy owls are so cute! I was playing adopt me a while ago and they were selling cute snow owls! Only if I have Robux to buy them, and that is why I’m selling this, so I could get money to buy Robux and Vbucks.

#074 Money Bag

moneY in my tumMy yayayay! I drew this money bag because I saw it and I think it was really cool. Drawing money bags makes me feel like I’m rich because it’s a whole bag of money, maybe even bigger than my backpack!

#073 Snow Golem from Minecraft

It looks like a snowman with a carved pumpkin head, everywhere it goes, it leaves snow in the ground, which if you make a lot of them, and they all walk around, will make the place look like it’s snowing.

#072 Minecraft Ghast

I drew this because I think ghasts are cool. In Minecraft, they live in the netherworld and they are flying monsters that I think are powerful. They spit fire cannons from their mouth to attack.